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These are available templates which support internal and external solution for each industry.
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Sale Consultant Chatbot for Agency

The template helps your clients to know more about marketing and website agency and your services you provide. You can also use it with your FAQ to support your customers.

Unclock Template

Sales Consultant Chatbot for Cosmetic Store

Allow your customers looking for the information of cosmetic products and watching the lastest trending make-up. Your consumer can add their favorite goods in their shopping cart and recieve answer based on FAQ from automatic chatbot.

Unclock Template
Fashion and Clothes Store

Sales Consultant Chatbot For Fashion Store

You will save money and time.

Spending time with a professional customer support team for instant messaging with customers can be expensive for common questions and and problems. fact is that chatbot is faster in finding these assets from your website you have a strong combination.

Customers like them.

Chatbot reception is still relatively new, but there are a few things we know about how customers feel about them and similar technologies. A research shows that 40 percent of customers prefer self-service to interact with people and 64 percent of customers would rather text than call a business. Both of these statistics signal well for the future of chatbot, and the truth is that the more positive experiences customers have interacted with, the more customers will expect them. and customer want to get support quickly any their concerns

Unclock Template
Coffee Shop, Internal Marketing

Internal Communication Chatbot

Move your rental prospects in the right direction even if you are not in the officeThe faster and better way to help enterprises communicate with their employee by Internal Communications Chatbot
Features of chatbot:
– Answering instantly frequently asked questions about HR, Admin, IT,… .
– Employees can submit leave online faster.
– Employees can enter their timesheet to report their works easier and faster.
– Finding a contact in the company quickly and easily.

Unclock Template