Visual bot builder

Design your complex business workflow through visual nodes, to perform endless tasks related to automated conversational AI. Map out step-by-step enterprise process just in the blink of an eye. Seamlessly train & test your workflow

Minimal coding skill required

Drag-and-drop capability

User-friendly interface

Rich-built workflow library for multiple use cases

Enable API Calling

Build your robust AI-powered chatbot with full suite of features

Powerful bot engine and architecture model to maximize chatbot productivity and intelligence

Natural language understanding

Robust understanding capability allows bots to detect customer's intent (synonym, utterance, entity and patterns) with highest accuracy for respective response

Rich-built small talks

Deliver more human-like expressions and interactions.
Impress your customers with seamless and personalized conversations

QnA and Bot Knowledge

Automate FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) response via 3 methods: Web URL crawling, CSV/Excel files importing, and manual adding. Fast learning and high-level readiness for task-execution

Customizable appearances

Modify bot appearance to match your brand identity. Quickly and easily change your bot’s avatar. Make your bot more attractive and professional

Lightning-speed training and publishing

After fast-paced training with bot knowledge and language understanding capabilities, your bot will be instantly published to handle customer inquiries

Testing & Bot simulation

Testing & Bot simulation measures your chatbot interactions, task performance before publishing it to execute day-to-day business tasks

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fuel your business growth

Build your world-class chatbot now

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