9 Tactics to Increase Productivity of Your Customer Support Team

The question of productivity is always a big concern for any company trying to grow and develop. Moreover, indeed, productivity is tied to the rate of income. Perhaps every business at some point in their existence has questioned how to increase the productivity of their customer service staff without wearing out and improving their stress. Emphasizing the performance of employees will inevitably lead to reduced customer satisfaction and broken company image.

Organizing the company structure in a way that will inspire people to work more effectively and not exhausted is not an easy task. At the same time, it is a real inspiration to see both your employees and visitors happy.

In this cases, we would like to share with you some tactics that good company has used and since then they have received very positive and encouraging results. We hope you find them useful.

1. Simplify your customer service, eliminate bureaucracy

Bureaucracy brings much negative impact to companies, and most importantly, it makes customers extremely disappointed. Simple procedures will result in shorter interactions and more efficient help for your customers. However, here is not just the removal of unnecessary procedures, but also teach your agent a more straightforward approach to every problem of the customer.

Recently, one of our clients shared with me an interesting observation: “Whenever I approach a customer service person, they always think that my problem is much bigger. They begin to come up with very complex solutions or ask too many questions. In fact, in 99% of cases, the problem is, and I need basic help with it.” Indeed, if customer service agents are trained to look simpler according to each service request, the company-customer communication will be more effective and bring more psychological benefits for both parties.
2. Grasp the technology trends and apply them to the customer service.
Customer experience, Artificial Intelligence, Chatbot are becoming the trend of marketing and customer service in 2018,2019, so let make an attention to these.
we often encounter problems on taking care of our customers such as When visitors come to our Website or FanPage they would expect their concerns to be answered immediately but We are SMEs, so we don’t have enough money to hire a hard-working team for serving our customer 24/24, while our-self is having many to worry about. It makes our visitors come and leave our website or our corporate Fanpage in a few seconds when having no one engage to keep them, serving them instantly and giving them what they need.
Engage visitors, Serve them instantly when you are not around.
Some Free platform about chatbot you can apply to your website and fan page to make customer service become more better an easier.
Athenka is The Simplest Platform to Build a FAQs Chatbot for FREE for your WebSite or FanPage in minutes.
3. Use the correct protocol of customer service conversations

Proper etiquette helps to make the interactions clear, simple, and therefore reduce the time required to solve the problem. Besides, a professional conversation will get trust in your service. Visitors will be able to rely on your customer support team in running their business, and this will help you earn the more long-term and loyal customers.

4. Empower your service agents to make the right decision for the situation. Give them proper training and trust at their discretion

Even the best training programs at which the CSR’s brain database is loaded with so many rules and how to be bound fail without trusting the person’s ability to discriminate and Give them the freedom they need to do that. Although statistics about 80% of customer service issues are constant problems, the solution is known, the number of new situations that CSR is bound to face daily is very significant…

Depending on the level of effectiveness that they are dealing with, your company can hold or lose 20% of their customers. As long as new situations and problems are not available, it is essential for agents to have the capacity and confidence to use their judgment and skills to find solutions to problems. This and present to the customer. Authorized agents are also the right people to become your brand ambassadors and participate in creating and spreading the right image of your company.

5. Teach your employees what to do “what is needed” approach

Too often, the process of customer service interaction is affected by personal things – the mood of the agent, the spirit of the customer. Although we can not influence our customers, we can train our agents to reach each of our customers individually while keeping them private.

It is a typical situation, especially with new CSRs, that the quality of care they provide to different clients is uneven. Moreover, it is true that sometimes customers who approach customer service are very confident, friendly and motivated to provide them with better care and the more personal service that they provide to the customer. While in other cases, when the customer has to deal with a problematic, frustrated or disrespectful customer, the agents are affected by the customer’s mood and does not provide excellent service to the customer.

A professional approach implies that the agent only performs what is needed. Treat all customers the same, when the agent is not affected not only by the negative of the demanding customers but also by the excitement.
6. Arm your agent with efficient customer service tools

Educated, knowledgeable and responsible agents cannot provide the best performance without the tools of efficient customer service. In customer support, the response speed is very important for customer satisfaction. For example, if CSR does not have instant access to customer information, such as the details passed to the real-time operator app in chat support, they will not be able to provide instant support for customers. Without such features in their tools, agents would have to ask the customer for information that he offered to the company, which would only increase the frustration and dissatisfaction of their customer’s service.

7. Create a fun, positive environment in your office

Share jokes and funny stories. Happy employees mean happy customers. Hire a manager with the right attitude, a cheerful person, and a team spirit. Eliminate the pressure of time and results. Make your employees forget about their personal problems when they come to work. Let them feel that work is fun, as it is a pleasure to serve people, help visitors solve their problems and make them happy. Your team is more fun; better results will come automatically.

8. Encourage strong teamwork

The more people involved in a team’s life, the more comfortable and easy they are and this allows them to perform better without stressing them. Mutual support, sharing of experience and positive attitudes make the job easy and customers will definitely have this vibe. The good atmosphere and positive emotions from dealing with your support will help the client come back.

9. Respect your employees

Last but not least. In my opinion, this simple thing can create miracles. Due to social conditions, firmly established in mind, employees and their positions are viewed in an unfair, more or less important way. Everyone’s work is given a different level of respect. Social ladders sometimes create walls between company workers and then strategies are being developed to break those walls. Building any wall in the first place is much more comfortable, saving time and effort than investing resources in breaking those walls later.

Companies should learn to treat all their employees equally and respectfully. If this environment predominates in your office, you can be sure that your employees will always work effectively and your customers are happy.

What tactics do you have to share with our readers? Is your company using any other tactics to increase the productivity of its dealers? We welcome any feedback and comments in the comments.

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