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4 Cautions That Truly Matter When Building A Chatbot

★ 3 min read ★     Chatbots are changing the way people interact on the Internet. Building a powerful chatbot nowadays is the must-have for businesses. According to a survey by Oracle that analyzed 800 decision makers, including chief marketing officers, chief strategy officers, senior marketers, and senior sales executives, 80% of the respondents […]

4 Examples of How Creative People Use Chatbots

★ 5 min read ★ A chatbot is a blank page, literally and figuratively. It’s up to you to write on it. One of the most common complaints of chatbots is that it sounds too much like a robot. Well, it is indeed a robot, but it doesn’t necessarily have to sound like one. Besides […]


Ever wondered how a college freshman processes a wealth of information and adjusts to a new environment? Challenges of new students in the first year of college have been studied in various student transition researches. New students must adjust their information-processing style to increase academic demands and teaching methods. Under such circumstance, they encounter information […]

9 Tactics to Increase Productivity of Your Customer ServiceTeam

The question of productivity is always a big concern for any company trying to grow and develop. At its core, productivity is tied to the rate of income. Perhaps, every business, at some point, has questioned how to improve the outfit of their customer service teams without wearing them out further. Neglecting the performance of […]