9 Tactics to Increase Productivity of Your Customer ServiceTeam

The question of productivity is always a big concern for any company trying to grow and develop. At its core, productivity is tied to the rate of income. Perhaps, every business, at some point, has questioned how to improve the outfit of their customer service teams without wearing them out further. Neglecting the performance of employees will inevitably lead to reduced customer satisfaction and shattered company image.

The good news is there are trainable strategies to help you and your company accelerate in the business world. We examine a few tips which have proven successful to our corporation.

1. Simplify your customer service, eliminate bureaucracy

Bureaucracy brings many negative impacts to companies, and most importantly, it makes customers extremely frustrated. Simple procedures will result in shorter and more efficient interactions help for your customers. However, it is simply not enough to remove inessential processes. A straightforward approach to resolution to every customer’s problem is the most constructive skill to train your agents.

Through observing our data, we found that a number of complex problems are, ironically, simple. Nevertheless, most customer service representatives seem to overthink the solution, ask too many questions, and present complicated ideas. A client claimed, “In fact, in 99% of cases, the problem is very basic, and I need basic help with it”. Consequently, understanding when to cut the “red tape” and offer effortless answers can benefit both the company and its customers exponentially.

2. Grasp the technology trends and apply them to the customer service.

“Customer experience”, “Artificial Intelligence”, and “Chatbots” are the popular buzzwords being thrown around in marketing and customer service in recent years. Whether you love them or dislike them, the old adage certainly rings true — the best way to survive is to adapt.

Most businesses aren’t available 24/7 when consumers inquire our help, while their concerns often expect immediate answers. This is how corporations miss out on customer engagement and, thus support. Hence, it’s not hard to see why AI chatbots are becoming the competitive advantage that several companies choose. Moreover, the benefits of artificial intelligence doesn’t stop there; the chatbot can also entertain and engage visitors until you’re back at your desk.

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3. Use the correct protocol of customer service conversations

Proper etiquette helps bringing clarity to interactions, and therefore reduces time needed to solve problems. Besides, a professional business lingo will enhance clarity and trust for both clients and employees. Loyalty doesn’t come easily; this is one way we can curate and acquire it from our consumer base.

4. Empower and trust your service representatives to make the right decision

Even the hardest-working customer service personnel can fail to deliver clientele satisfaction, if appropriate training wasn’t provided. There are too many rules and regulations to customer support, so there is a natural level of trust between employers and staffs that must be embraced. Management need to acknowledge this component and allow their employees freedom to provide creative, appropriate solutions.

Despite the fact that 80% of problems in customer service are repeated issues with familiar answers, the number of new difficulties that the staffs face doesn’t stop increasing. This revelation indicates that the last 20% is how well a company trains and trusts their agents to feel competent in finding fresh solutions. Empowering workers this way can also help them become proficient brand ambassadors who continuously improves the public image of the company.

5. Teach your employees “what is needed” approach

Often, personal things can get in the way of a perfect customer service interaction. For example, the agent’s mood and customer’s temper are to blame for many popular”fast food fight” videos, appeasing to us that client support is not simply black and white. But, perhaps, it ought to be?

It is true, the quality of customer service sometimes is sometimes dependent on the friendliness of consumers. Agents are more inclined to give outgoing customers better care and more personal service than they would with others. The opposite also applies with difficult clients. To eliminate this mood-reliant approach is to treat every client equally despite their attitude, and that all is needed. “Do what is necessary” is one way of remembering where the separation line is.

6. Arm your agents with efficient customer service tools

Educated, knowledgeable and responsible agents cannot provide the best performance without the tools of efficient customer service. In customer support, the response speed is very important for customer satisfaction. For example, if the employees don’t have instant access to customer information, such as the details passed to the real-time operator app in chat support, they will not be able to provide instant support for customers. Without such tools, agents would have to ask the customer for information that was already in the system. One can only guess that this would only increase frustration from both sides.

7. Create a fun, positive environment in your office

Share jokes and funny stories! Happy employees mean happy customers. Hire a manager with the right attitude, a cheerful person, and a team spirit. Eliminate the pressure of time and results. Make your employees forget about their personal problems when they come to work. Let them feel that work is fun, as it is a pleasure to serve people, help visitors solve their problems and make them happy. In time, better results will come automatically.

8. Encourage strong teamwork

The more people involved in a team’s life, the more comfortable and easy they are and this allows them to perform better without stressing them. Mutual support, sharing of experience and positive attitudes make the job easy and customers will definitely have this vibe. The good atmosphere and positive emotions from dealing with your support will help the client come back.

9. Respect your employees

Respect may sound cliche and obvious; however, it’s not always offered socially and especially professionally. Employees of subordinating positions don’t always receive an equal consideration compared to those of higher level. It’s necessary for employers to implement strategies social ladder walls. However, the absolutely best practice is not to prevent any wall built, since it takes more time and effort destroying them later.

What tactics do you have to share with our readers? Is your company using any other tactics to increase the productivity of its dealers? We welcome any feedback and comments in the comments.

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