When should a business adopt a chatbot: Examples from successful cases

While a chatbot may sound alien to several non-tech managers, it is helpful in various customer support services. AI Chatbot is developed based on artificial intelligence- based system. Artificial intelligence adoption may remain low among businesses, as explained in “How artificial intelligence can deliver real value to companies”. There are still early adopters who have invested a great number of resources to building an effective AI chatbot. These senior managers know despite some limitations to implementing a bot, an intelligence one that aligns with their business strategy would even drive business more successful.
In the early phase, there are lots to consider, however, in easing the inconvenience of customers’ conversation with a robot, business leaders should take into account of what sectors of their businesses can a chatbot be of most value. In communicating with customers, chatbots are relatively less used across channels, only 15% of surveyed customers said they already chatted with a bot in the last 12 months. Although the figure is rather small, the prospect for it is believed to be much higher. The traditional online experience is on the decrease (34% it is difficult to navigate between desired sites, 31% simple questions are not answered yet, 28% necessary information about business are difficult to acquire), which leaves open the possibility for the rise of chatbot technology.


Situation 1:
Chatbot has made it possible for any customer to reach their favorite brands virtually at any time. In fast-food business, if integrated into a social media platform, where young customers crowdedly participate, chatbot is one technology to record repeated orders, give simple information about promotions, prices available when needed.
Consider Dom from Domino’s Pizza, an example of successful chatbot implementation through Facebook messenger. Dom enables customers to choose from a variety of menu of different tastes, flavors. Further, Dom can understand the context of a conversation, with some degree of customized personality. Dom can offer you small talk and truly a user-friendly chatbot. It becomes easier for a customer to make an order, just at a click of customers’ favorite pizza icons.
Pizza has already become a traditional food for everyone because it comes with a variety of tastes that are suited to lots of people and it is easy to eat (no need to peel off covers, no heavy cutting, chewing). If there is a way that customers can learn more about simple product promotions; easily move between different pizza categories, customers will get the sense of satisfaction and will consider the offered service is adequate and well-served. On the other hand, one of the most significant attributes of the Facebook messenger is that it provides a platform where friends can quickly exchange texts and get notifications; customers who are participating in the platform also expect brands to act likewise. The combination of the two attributes: the company’s products and services and Facebook messenger, shed light to ways for a successful implementation. Further, the degree of intelligence is emphasized in his personality. Fun chatting, skillfully using emoji are some the successful ways to communicate in short messages.
Lesson learned are straightforward. Understanding what the uniqueness of the available services are and how to magnify it through a similar platform best would bring more customers to brands. In other word, how to leverage a business performance to help customers make better purchasing decisions- should be put forward when considering implementing chatbot into a business.
Situation 2:
H&M Chatbot existence has helped fashion lovers to navigate their customers’ search through several outfit possibilities and direct them to the store areas that most fit their desires. Firstly, the chatbot will allow customers to set gender and then suggest a suitable outfit along with its price. If customers like the suggested outfit, it will direct a link to the H&M internet shop, take customer’s email and start another outfit suggestion. By reducing the time required for searching information, H&M Chatbot has eased the urge of fashion call, making their customers enjoy the better online shopping experience. H&M, as a result, consistently increased sales over the past year (2017), released 11 new H&M online markets.
What H&M chatbot did was quite similar to Domino’s Pizza’s chatbot; however, placed vital importance on leveraging fashion design experience. Giving power to customers to freely design their own favorite outfits, H&M chatbot brings customers a sense of exploring new mix-and-matches, fulfilling fashion desire. Their ultimate value is fashion; however, they wanted to facilitate an environment so that customers can feel the joy of getting involved in making a design matched to their desires.
A common pattern between two successful chatbot implementation was the ability to foresee the vision of bootstrapping business growth using chatbot. There are some suggestions below when business leaders consider implementing chatbot for their businesses.
1. There are a lot of common questions asked by customers.
The so-called FAQ (frequently asked questions) are easily predicted through business experience. Each time a visitor comes to a website, they may bring along their questions and desire to receive an answer before leaving. Having a chatbot that is available 24/7 and able to give the right answer will satisfy the need for lots of visitors. Further, empowered by artificial intelligence, chatbot is a real fast learner that it can mentally grow, albeit some minor support of the human brain. If experts can map out standardized algorithms so that a chatbot can develop better, the potential of chatbot is not yet precisely evaluated.
2. It is difficult for customers to find the right site to get the answers or actions.
Just as at the front office of your company, there are always receptionists who guide a visitor to the suitable, so too for any online business. Customers do not always understand what products or services a company offers; therefore, to save your customer’s time, you need to consider based on the complexity of your business structure, to what extent your business can make use of an automated machine to instruct customers to their desired sites. Bear in mind one more merit of artificial intelligence; it allows your customers to gain access to multiple systems quickly and securely in real-time.

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