Best Chatbot Applications: Domino makes better pizza after the chatbot

DOM of Domino Pizza is considered to be one of the best chatbot applications as it helps the brand to raise their product quality score to 15%.


From food quality scan technology embedded in the chatbot…

Adding up to their successful adoption of conversational AI, Domino Pizza introduced an innovative scanning technology into their kitchens in Australia and New Zealand a couple of months ago. For the first time, a fast-food chain develops a feature powered by Artificial Intelligent (AI), Sensor Technology, and Machine Learning (ML) to evaluate food quality. DOM Pizza Checker is the name of this technology.

The checker can now evaluate pizzas by scanning them, analyze, and seek room for improvements. The sensor/checker sits above the cut bench – that’s the area every pizza goes to before being cut, boxed, and delivered. It can recognize, analyze, and grade pizzas based on pizza type, correct toppings, and even whether the cheese is evenly spread.

In the food industry, quality is always the top priority and it is the same in each of Domino kitchens. To better product quality, they also utilize AI and ML to take the roles of a virtual tester. Buyers will now be notified whether or not their pizza has passed the quality scanning test or is being remade.

Source: Domino Pizza 

To the lesson of delivering advanced customer service

To give consumers the best brand experience, Domino also allows them to sneak a pic right after their orders are done. DOM – the chatbot can provide customers real-time photos of their order before it is put in a box, cut up, and handed to the delivery partner. The entire process takes place smoothly thanks to the Live Pizza Tracker feature embed on Domino chatbot. Moreover, the bot also acts as a tired-less kitchen handler. It is sometimes overwhelming for a person to keep track of all the orders, cooking process, and delivery deadline at the same time. Especially during rush hours, busy stores might sometimes fail to deliver the orders on time to customers.

Yes, you are not misreading! Domino shows us their pizza quality improves by 15 percent since the AI chatbot!

Strictly following the philosophy of famous business consultant Peter Drucker: What gets measured gets managed, Domino surveyed to collect customer feedback. The company surprisingly explored that their pizza quality scores have gone up 15% after having the scanning bot. The survey also reveals that hungry customers really value being able to track their orders. From the oven where they are baked to the kitchen where chosen toppings are filled, the status is accessible.

With DOM Pizza Checker keeping eyes on product quality, our customers can have greater confidence that their pizza will look as it should. And if it doesn’t, we’ll make it right by making it again.

– Said Domino Australia and New Zealand CEO Nick Knight.


 Where will the DOM Pizza Checker and chatbots be in the future?

Source: Domino Pizza 

In this initial stage, the company aims to improve feature performance and reduce/fix technical errors to delight customers across regions. Although there is no news about the project in other areas, it’s quite optimistic that this creative solution will make its way to other existing channels. Pizza fans are expecting to share the joy of “seeing their pizza on the cut bench” as reviews on the web and app if it meets quality standards.

Chatbot is becoming a popular trend in the business world. Every year, more and more chatbot adoption is reported. It is discussed that the retail business would take the best out of this conversational AI technology, however, diverse research from credential finance companies like Delloite, Gartner,.. showed the opposite. Chatbot is believed to help enterprises from numerous fields save time and money. With the rising development of technology, we have every ground to believe the concept of chatbot would very soon be a norm.


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