Why Athenka?

Athenka is the chatbot platform that accelerates your enterprise growth by allowing you to seamlessly create your Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning bot, speeding up your day-to-day operations and enhancing customer experience.

Why us?

Brought to you by UpStar Labs, the startup incubation and investment arm of KMS Technology, where founded world-renowned products: QASymphony, Kobiton, Katalon, etc. As developers, we have always believed we could bring in new solutions to empower your enterprise with seamless Conversational AI and robust automation. That’s why we created Athenka since 2018, a platform everyone could create a productive chatbot.

Our Story

We are passionate technologists and ambitious entrepreneurs, who have customer-centric mindset to bring in new solutions for enterprises.

Since messaging platform have become the most heavily used for both internal and external communication, bots have emerged as effective instruments that are changing the world of digital business.

Today, we are focusing mainly on optimizing conversation for the generic needs of all business. Inspired by the name of Greek Goddess of Wisdom, 'Athena', we believe that the intelligence and power of chatbot through conversation will strengthen the relationship between you and your customers, no matter where they live in over the world. And we ensure that generating platform is as effective and easy as we can.


"We help enterprises achieve cost-effectiveness, better customer and employee experience by leveraging on conversational AI to automate business process."


"To become the most robust bot building platform that empowers large enterprises with seamless digital transformation"

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