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Solution to problems of all sizes

Decision tree is a super tool to define working process for the bot to solve your business’s problems, whether simple or complex. You can map out a step-by-step process to answer customers’ questions in a conversational format.

Swiftly train bots with FAQs

Our artificial intelligence and machine learning chatbot can be trained through FAQ URLs, excel files or manually. It’s also able to self-learn fast and recognize similar phrases from visitors, so you don’t have to spend time to train your chatbot all of the word combinations in the world.

Fine tune user experience

With our built-in Smalltalk, chatbots powered by Athenka can engage users in natural and human-like conversations, because we believe in chatbots that not only create dialogues, but also a smooth and enjoyable experience for users.

Diversified Conversation Templates

Pick one for your business

With a business-driven approach, we provide different templates for different target audiences, so it’s possible to make customized conversations for your own business even without coding. Or if preferred, Athenka also enables you to optimize your workflow in your own coding style.

  • Sale Consultant Chatbot for Agency

  • Sales Consultant Chatbot for Cosmetic Store

  • Sales Consultant Chatbot For Fashion Store

  • Internal Communication Chatbot

  • Customer Support Chatbot for App, Game


  • Why should I choose the Athenka platform?

    Besides the 4 main features – Decision tree, Q&A, Personalization and Diversified Templates, Athenka also offers you many other benefits:

    – Athenka enables you to seamlessly create chatbots on both website and Facebook Messenger.

    – Athenka is easy to set up and use, no coding required.

    – Athenka supports not only English, but also other languages.

    – Athenka is completely free.

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  • Why is Athenka Free?

    We are grateful that in today’s tech landscape, there are many excellent applications – either as open source or freeware – available for free. Athenka was built by KMS Technology R&D team. It has been a successful solution for some automation projects ranging from small to large teams for enterprise clients.

    Athenka is free to use, thanks to testing new technology services and products provided by KMS Technology that fund its product development.

    To support future release, please consider subscribing to our business support services.


  • How can a chatbot powered by Athenka Platform improve my business?

    Athenka can assist to improve your business in the following aspects:

    – Customers can find answers to their questions and concerns instantly.

    – Save time and resources spent on answering repetitive questions to focus on more added value services.

    – Your website’s and fanpage’s bounce rate reduces, conversion rate rises, and thus sales increases and cost drops.